some people are victims. some are predators. some are both.
CRUSHED will leave you shaken for days. It get's under you skin and haunts you. It invades your dreams and subconscious.

Natalie Dickinson- ( Tara )

Natalie Dickinson spent most of her childhood in Texas, and as an adult, has split time between Dallas and Los Angeles. She started her career in modeling, commercials, and on stage, but she has always had an affinity for intense and challenging roles. After working on a string of short films and commercials, she landed the role of Tara in Crushed. "I got to explore this multifaceted character that was extremely passionate and well as just get dirty and bloody in this raw film - it was a project that was both fun and very affective." The filming of Crushed was only the beginning. Natalie got to dive even deeper into her character by shooting video blogs as Tara for 3 years while the film was in production and post production. Natalie also stars in The Locker, a psychological thriller; The High Schooler's Guide to College Parties, a comedy in the vein of Risky Business; and Hero's Christmas, a heartwarming family film.

Directors Note- She is one of the most fearless and talented actors I've ever encountered. She is a force of nature.

Henrik Norlén- ( Ray )

Henrik is great.

Caitlin Wehrle- ( Maddy )

Caitlin began her acting career in her hometown of Austin, TX after modeling for 8 years, both nationally and internationally. Upon completion of her first lead role as Maddy, Caitlin began working on numerous films locally and nationally including the Adam Rifkin directed comedy, National Lampoon's Homo Erectus and ABC Family and MGM's remake of The Initiation of Sarah. Caitlin now resides in Los Angeles, yet continues to pursue acting in both California and Texas. She has also begun working as a writer, script editor, and production assistant for Uncommon Dialogue Films in Los Angeles in order to diversify her talents within the industry.

Keith Malley- ( Donnie )

After a mere year performing stand-up comedy, Keith Malley was the 2004 grand prize winner at the prestigious World Comedy Laugh Off in New York City. He immediately recorded his debut CD/DVD Coming of Age and vowed to record a new one-take only CD/DVD each and every birthday with all new material. He is about to perform and record his seventh stand-up show in April 2010.

Keith is one half of the talk show Keith and The Girl ( With his co-host Chemda, this New York City couple, referred to by the Wall Street Journal as the Moguls of New Media, record a live talk show 5 days a week. This New York Times-praised talk show, which began in March 2005, tackles literally everything as it is not bound by the rules of terrestrial or even satellite radio. Making their mark out of a pool of well over 25,000 separate podcasts, Keith and The Girl immediately became, and remain, one of the most listened to talk shows of all time.

The Keith and The Girl relationship book What Do We Do Now? will be released March 9, 2010. A free sample chapter and audio and video commercials links are available at

Editors note- he is one funny muthafucker and a natural acting talent. Buy his CD/DVD.




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